Al-Anon Information Services Westchester Putnam Counties of New York


Service is a wonderful opportunity to push your recovery to new heights.  Service is also part of our Seventh Tradition which states "Every group ought to be fully self-supporting..."  The beauty of giving service in Al-Anon is that by helping others ... you help yourself.  Remember, "To keep it, you have to give it away."  Please contact for information about any of these service opportunities.  


When I first came into Al-Anon someone had to tell me that it was okay to say, "No" once in a while.  What I learned through service was that it was okay to say "Yes," too.  I now know how to give back without giving more than I have to offer.  To me, that's a critical part of my recovery both in Al-Anon and in dealing with my loved ones.  Al-Anon service has given me more than I could ever give back!
Joyfully in service,
Christine K., White Plains

*Service at the Group Level
 Each Al-Anon group has a number of service positions which usually include Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Literature, Group Representative and Alternate Group Representative.  Some groups also have a Program Chair who arranges for speakers to speak at each meeting.  All positions other than GR can be filled by dual members, Al-Anon members who are also members of AA.  

*Service at the District Level

All Al-Anon members are encouraged to attend these meetings where Group Representatives, District Representatives, Coordinators and Liaisons come together to find ways of bringing the message of Al-Anon to others through Public Outreach Events; Share-A-Day Events; Workshops; Group Support and more. Each District can have its own Public Outreach Coordinator as well. 
Dates and locations for 2014 District Meetings are as follows:

District 24:  2nd Tuesday every other month:  3/11, 5/13, 9/9, 11/11 @ the Loft, 252 Bryant Ave, White Plains.  (Entrance on exit driveway of pkg lot for Memorial Methodist Church.)
District 25:  
District 26:  Sunday 10 AM: 3/23, 4/27, 9/28, 11/23 @ Panera, 6 Triangle Ctr, Yorktown Heights
Saturday 10 AM 6/22, 10/26 @ Maryknoll, 55 Ryder Road, Ossining, prior to Assembly
District 27:  

Additional Service Opportunities

*Al-Anon Information Service (AIS) Committee

AIS maintains this website, answers emails and updates the meeting list for Westchester and Putnam.  We also do quarterly mailings of announcements,   meeting lists, coordinate with public outreach,  organize workshops and more.  Without AIS, there would be no way for the newcomer to find a meeting.  If Al-Anon has helped improve your life, please consider taking this next step in your recovery and help ensure that Al-Anon will be here for the next person!  Positions still open for 2014 include Liaison to Assembly, Secretary and Mailing Coordinator.  Meetings are on 7:30 PM Monday 3/24, 6/23, 9/22 and 12/8/14 at the First Baptist Church, 456 North Street, Wilson Hall, White Plains (Bryant & North Street.)  All are welcome although the Alternate GR is the voting representative for  each Group.


*12th Step Telephone Service 

Volunteers are asked to return calls one-day-per-week for 3 months, picking up calls once a day.  (E.g. If your day is Tuesday, you only need to check the messages once on Tuesdays for 3 months.)  The phone service is accessed remotely from the comfort of your home or your mobile device.  You will be "carrying the message" to potential newcomers and hopefully getting them to their first meeting.  It is very rewarding and gratifying. These positions are currently filled but will become available later this year due to the 3 month rotation.  


*Leaders for Introductory (Newcomer) Meeting at St. Vincent's Hospital 

Al-Anon members are needed to lead monthly informational meetings. This is a 12th Step opportunity to introduce family and friends of those admitted to St. Vincent's to the possibility of recovery with Al-Anon.  AIS provides literature and copies of the Al-Anon Focus Issue that is distributed to those who attend these meetings.  Leaders can tell their story -- what life was like before Al-Anon, how they came to Al-Anon and how Al-Anon has helped to improve their lives.  They can answer any questions people may have about this wonderful program.